About Us

FORTEM SECURITY PRIVATE LIMITED is incorporated on Nineteenth day of August Two Thousand Sixteen under the Companies Act, 2013 and that the company is limited by shares. We are catering for the various security needs of major organisations in the Residential, industrial, Financial, Mining, Retail and Commercial Sectors and have an edge over other security entities servicing the Educational as well as Industrial Sector because of team of experts in the aforesaid fields.

Our team of executives have acquired the requisite knowledge, skills and competence because of their past experience and they conduct a very detailed security survey at the earmarked locations so as to come out with the appropriate plans tailored towards the needs to safeguard all security concerns.

As crime, fire, vandalism, internal theft and other security-related losses continue to spell disaster for thousands of businesses nationwide; we believe that a well-planned cost effective security programmer can play a major role in protecting the very life of businesses.

Training of our Guards
at St Stephens College
Delhi University

Our corona warriors
felicitated at Dr B R
Ambedkar Medical College



“Security is in our hearts as well as in our minds” there are many advantages to choosing Fortem, not only because of its excellent reputation, a national present a reliable and effective infrastructure but the single biggest advantage you gain when you choose Fortem is our team of epxerts. Any Security Company could send staff for patrolling your site, guarding at your premises or other Security duties but when you have a Fortem Security Personnel on your site, you have someone who takes your business security as seriously as you do.

At Fortem, we firmly believe that there are three essential factors that determine the quality of service provided by any supplier in the contract security industry. They are:-

Training and Supervision

  • Regular briefing of guards done about Do’s & Don’t.
  • Guards are trained in soft skills.
  • Guards are properly briefed about their duties during the events.
  • Guards are directed not to leave their posts in any circumstances.
  • Guards are directed to pay respect to all senior faculty members/ staff/ students & staff .

Management Responsiveness

  • Fortem has accepted the challenge to provide security cover to one of the premier institute of country.
  • Albeit of initial problems it was able to show its presence because of hard work of all its team members.
  • There is still scope for improvement which we ensure it will do with the passage of time because safety and security is our motto.

Well trained guard

  • Guards are directed to be properly dressed during duty hours.
  • Guards are directed to avoid indulging in gossip with college staff during duty time.
  • Guards committing any mistake were taken off from duty.
  • Wireless communication provided to guards at important positions for uninterrupted communication between them and Estate office.



The Olive Heritage Vocational School (OHVS)  is offspring of THE OLIVE HERITIAGE EDUCATION AND WELFARE SOCIETY (Regd). The education society is supported by group of people passionate about constantly discovering to emerge out of the old conventional way of teaching and learning to an area where practical expertise matter more than the theoretical proficiency. The society members are academicians & seasoned professional with an experience of almost 2 decades in the field of education.





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